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I discovered archery while attending California State Long Beach University and enrolled in a class in the intramural archery program. I immediately feel in love with the sport and joined a club in Malibu CA.

I began competing in the 3D club & International tournaments . I started with Recurve Bows and decided to give compound bows a try. I achieved many levels of awards and ranked in the top ten 3D International tournaments in the Compound Bow-hunter classification (non-sights / fingers).

I began my archery coaching career due to a shoulder injury and I fell in love with the coaching aspect of archery. Since that day, coaching archery has been the most rewarding part of my archery life! The smiles are priceless when they are able to hit a candy lifesaver the size of a nickel at 10 meters. 


I had the opportunity to coach actors that wanted to enhance their resume for possible roles for action film/TV. Having the knowledge of the film industry, I was encouraged by a few of my actor students to write a feature film script about several women living in the mountains late 1880's. It will go into production in the late fall of 2024/2025. 

I am presently coaching out of the Rancho Park Archery range in West Los Angeles, California. Its an amazing state of the art for archery. Its covered and located in a peaceful environment. Come join me at the range to have fun with archery.

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